Eyoyo EF07 Ice Fishing Camera 7 inch LCD Monitor 1000TVL Camera 15M/30M/50M Cable 12pcs IR Infrared LEDs

Item No.: EF07
【7" Color LCD Monitor】: This underwater video fishing camera has a 7 inch large TFT color screen with 800*480 Pixels and removable sun-visor ideal for bright environments
【1000TVL camera】: The definition of the camera is up to 1000TV lines, which is clearer than the 800TV lines camera.
【With 12pcs Infrared Lights】: With 12pcs IR lights, fishes will be seen more clearly in the dark environment. Please note: the image will turn to black and white if you open the infrared light.
【Equiped with Carrying Case】: The waterproof suitcase is mini and portable, Which is very convenient for you to carry anywhere you want.
【Up to 8 Hours Working Time】: The continuous working time of the 4500 mAh rechargeable battery is able to last 6-8 hours after being fully charged.
  • 15M: EF07-15M-R
  • 30M: EF07-30M-R
  • 50M: EF07-50M-R
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    Eyoyo Portable 9 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder HD 1000TVL Fishing Camera Waterproof Underwater DVR Video Cam Infrared Lights 30m

    Eyoyo Ice Fishing Camera 7 inch LCD Monitor 1000TVL Camera 15m/30m/50m Cable 12pcs IR Infrared LEDs


    Eyoyo Underwater Fishing Camera

    We specialize in visual fish finder research and development. We have different categories of products. You can contact us before buying, and we will provide you with professional services.

    Monitor specification:
    1. 7' Color monitor
    2. monitor Total Pixels: 800(H) X 480(V)
    3. monitor power supply: DC 12V
    4. language: English
    5. up, down left, right adjustable
    6. 16:9 model
    7. Rechargeable Battery: 4500MA Lithium battery, Working time: 10 hours
    8. Operating Temperature: -20 degree to +60 degree
    9. Portable strong aluminum case

    Camera specification:
    1. camera size: 90mm x 55mm
    2.Camera case material: metal or strong plastic
    3. Camera glass material: sapphire glass
    4. sensor size: 1/3 inch CMOS
    5.Total Pixels: 1000 TVL
    6. view angle: 92 degree 4mm lens
    7. camera led light: 12PCS Infrared LEDS
    8.LEDS adjustable
    9. Cable length: 15meters
    10. camerawork current: 100MA
    11. camera power supply: DC 12V
    12.Work condition: underwater 13. With cramp rings to fix the cable along the fishing rod.
    14. 6 pcs of plastic coils so that you can fasten the camera through Telescopic fishing rod easily.

    Eyoyo Portable 9 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder HD 1000TVL Fishing Camera Waterproof Underwater DVR Video Cam Infrared Lights 30m

    Eyoyo Portable 9 inch LCD Monitor Fish Finder HD 1000TVL Fishing Camera Waterproof Underwater DVR Video Cam Infrared Lights 30m

    Package Included:
    1x 7' TFT Monitor
    1x Camera with cable and wheel
    1x Li-battery
    1x Charger
    1x Set of Metal Clip
    1x Carry Case
    1x User Manual
    1x Float               

     Underwater fishing camera
    Question 1,How many version of 7 inch fishing camera?
    Answer 1,Now, we offer 4 versions:
    EF07 (7 inch IR light no DVR),
    EF07R (7 inch IR light with DVR),
    EF07 Pro (7 inch IR+White light no DVR),
    EF07R Pro (7 inch IR+White light with DVR).
    All four versions have 15/30/50m cord to choose.

    Question 2,How many depth version of 9 inch fishing camera?
    Answer 2,There are 3 kinds of depth for your choice: 15 meter, 30 meter, and 50 meter.

    Question 3,What is the capacity of the battery? How long will the battery last after full charged?
    Answer 3,The battery for 7 inch fishing camera is about 4500mAh. It can be last 6-8 hours after full charged.

    Question 4,How long does it take to charge?
    Answer 4,It takes 6-8 hours to charge from dead.

    Question 5,What is the voltage of the supplied battery? What is the voltage for the charger?
    Answer 5,The supplied battery of Voltage is 12V, 4500mAh. The voltage for the charger is DC 110V. When charging, please use the original power supply.

    Question 6,Do the IR lights stay on all the time or can i turn them off when not needed? And I notice the color will change to black and white when I open the IR light. Is it right?
    Answer 6, Infrared LED Lights can be turned off if you don't need it. Yes, if you turn on the IR light at dark, the image will be white and black. Using 12pcs IR Lights, you can see the fish more clearly in the dark night.

    Question 7,How many infrared IR Lamps ? Are Infrared IR Lamps Switchable?
    Answer 7,The camera have 12 IR lamps. The Lights is Switchable(on/off)

    Question 8,What is the viewing angle of the camera?
    Answer 8,The viewing angle of this fishing camera is about 100 degree.

    Question 9,What is the max SD/TF card for this DVR version fishing camera?
    Answer 9,The max SD card is 32GB. And a 8GB memory card is included in the package.

    Question 10,Do I need a third part player to play the video on computer?
    Answer 10, Yes, the format of recorded video is avi., so please use the VLC media player to play the video. If you haven’t installed the VLC media player, please download it here.

    Please note: When playing the video, please ignore the error.

    Question 11,Does DVR have motion detect?
    Answer 11,This fishing camera don't have motion detect function.

    Quesion 12,Would this work for a River? Would it be OK bouncing off some rocks floating downstream?
    Answer 12,This product can be used in rivers. But it should be noted that the lens is made of glass and the impact of rapids and rocks should be avoided.

    Question 13,Can this camera be connected to a TV for a larger projected picture?
    Answer 13,Yes, it can be connected to a TV. This camera has the standard yellow RCA jack for video output.

    Question 14,Is there a remote control for it?
    Answer 14,These fishing cameras are not equipped with a remote controller.

    Question 15,Are you able to use this device for ice fishing?
    Answer 15,Absolutely yes, it’s perfect for ice fishing. And it can be used for sea fishing, boat fishing, lake fishing, etc.

    Question 16,Can I buy accessories?
    Answer 16,Yes. Accessories including batteries, camera, monitor etc can be purchased. Please contact us through the after-sales email.
    Email: support@eyoyousa. Com

    Question 17,Is the monitor removable from the box?
    Answer 17,The monitor is removable from the box. It’s easy to remove the 7 inch monitor, but for 9 inch monitor, you need some efforts since it’s stuck tight.

    Question 18,Can the camera used in salty water?
    Answer 18,Yes, it can be used in sea. But please note, after using, rinse it with clean water and wipe to dry for storing.

    Question 19,Is the case itself waterproof? Resistant from rain/weather?  Does it float?
    Answer 19,The case can be waterproofing for life and resistant from rain weather, but cannot be placed in water. If there is water on the case, pls dry it.

    Question 20,There is a little pieces of green/red plastic tab in the on the screen, what's it?
    Answer 20, It's protective screen film tap, you can decide weather to keep it or not. If you need remove, just grab corner tab and remove plastic film.
    Here is video guide of operation.