Eyoyo EY-021L Bluetooth Barcode Scanner, Mini 2.4G Wireless & Bluetooth & USB Wired 3-in-1 Barcode Reader, Fast and Precise scanning Warehouse Express Inventory Bar Code Scanner for iPhone iPad Android iOS

Item No.: EY-021L
Eyoyo EY-021L Bluetooth 1D barcode scanner, the most mini and portable Eyoyo barcode scanner. Can more easily capture most of the 1D bar code. Support Bluetooth and 2.4G Wireless and USB Wired connection, Work with Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS, Windows Mobile, Android OS, iOS. And this Eyoyo wireless barcode scanner support instant upload and storage mode two types upload modes, Key trigger mode and Continuous Mode two types scanning mode, etc function.
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Eyoyo EY-021L Bluetooth Barcode Scanner, Mini 2.4G Wireless & Bluetooth & USB Wired 3-in-1 Barcode Reader

With advanced decoding ability, the 1d barcode scanner can more easily capture most of the 1D bar code with a fast scanning speed.

Only weight 30g/1.06oz, this is the most mini and portable Eyoyo barcode scanner.We designed it for easy carrying and can put it in your pocket after you use it.Considering that it will accidentally drop off occasionally, we made it with a more srtong and durable material.

Our 1D barcode scanner supports key trigger mode and continuous mode two types scanning mode.

The Bluetooth barcode scanner equip with Bluetooth and 2.4G Wireless and USB Wired connection.

Designed with comfortable silicone buttons and rugged body material.

Easily connected with your laptop, PC, mobile phone, tablet, iphone, ipad, POS. Work with Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS, Windows Mobile, Android OS, iOS.

Equipped 450mAh Rechargeable battery, this Eyoyo scanner only needs 2 hours to fully charge, and up to 8 hours super long working time for you.

1. Wired and wireless dual mode freely switching.
2. Support 2.4G dongle wireless & Bluetooth wireless & USB wired three types of connection modes.
3. Only weight 35g/1.23oz, mini size and portable carry.
4. Compatile Windows XP, Win7, Win8, Win10 operating system PC, Android, IOS devices
5. Support normal mode, storage mode and switch freely.
6. 650mAh rechargeable battery can use up to 5H continuous scanning time, only need 2H to charge. Standby time is up to 30days.
7. 16MB Large capacity storage, safe and reliable. Under off-line scanning mode can store barcodes more than 100000pcs.
8. In obstacles environment, 15m/49ft transmission distance(2.4G Transmission Mode)
9. In obstacles environment, 20m/66ft transmission distance (Bluetooth transmission mode).

Package Including:

1x Eyoyo 1D barcode scanner,
1x USB Charging Cable,
1x 2.4G USB Dongle,
1x Manual

Q1:Does it work with apps like Chromebooks,shopify,the Cognex scanner app, the walmart gif 2 app, etc?
A1:First of all, the barcode scanner supports three Bluetooth protocols: HID, BLE, and SPP.
     Please check whether your APP supports one of these three protocols.
     If none of the three is supported, the scanner is uncompatible with your device or APP; otherwise, the scanner can be used in conjunction with your device or APP. 
     Please note:since most of the customer's devices or APPs support HID mode, the scanner defaults to the Bluetooth HID protocol when it leaves the factory.
     Please check whether your APP defaults to the HID protocol. If it is, please directly pair it with Bluetooth. If it supports SPP or BLE, please change the Bluetooth protocol through the manual before connecting.

Q2:Does it work with an Iphone?
A2:The scanner supports working with iPhone.

Q3:Are there any ways we can turn off blue the light when scanning?
A3:The scanner light cannot be turned off.

Q4:The scanner won't turn on.
A4:First make sure the scanner is fully charged. If the scanner won't turn on when it is 
fully charged, please contact support@eyoyousa.com and send some videos showing your problem.

Q5:What is the password to download the manual?
A5:The password of download manual on Eyoyo official website is support@eyoyo.

Q6:The scan result is not displayed correctly.
A6:If the scan result is missing characters or data, please check the manual to reduce the transmission speed.
If the scan result shows different characters, please ask the customer to check whether the keyboard language of his device is English, if not, please check the manual to change the keyboard language or contact support@eyoyousa.com for the setting code.

Q7:So will this replace trying to use my phones camera to scan barcodes?
A7:It will not affect the use of the camera of the phone itself.

Q8:how can I turn off the scanner if I was not using it? or does it automatically turn off?
A8:Please scan the setting code in the manual to set.

Q9:Can its sound be adjusted or muted?
A9:Please scan the setting code in the manual to set.

Q10:What type of charger can it be charged with?
A10:Please use a charger with a specification of 5V/1A.

Q11:Does this scanner work with excel?
A11:It can work with Excel, world, TXT documents and memos, etc.

Q12:Can you provide a tax invoice on purchase?
A12:Yes, please contact the online seller after placing the order.

Q13:Do you need a WiFi connection for this to work?
A13:No need to use WiFi, just do Bluetooth pairing directly.

Q14:Will this scan into any text field on any app? 
A14:Most are supported.

Q15:Is there trigger mode of this device?
A15:This barcode scanner is in trigger mode by default.

Q16:Is there a continuous scanning mode or do you have to push the button for each scan?
A16:You can set the barcode scanner to continuous scanning mode.

Q17:In storage mode,can it detect duplicates?
A17:Not,it can't.

Q18:How do you access the data from the scanner? 
A18:When the scanner is successfully connected to your device, please open an EXCEL form or notepad, etc., click on the blank space and scan the code, you can see the data.

Q19:Can this BT(Bluetooth) pair to multiple devices at once?
A19:The scanner can only be Bluetooth paired with one device at a time.

Q20:Does this allow for customizing the pre or post amble?
A20:Yes,please contact support@eyoyousa.com for the setup codes.

Q21:How do I connect to my business system?
A21:Please contact support@eyoyousa.com

Q22:Does this model support adding suffix and prefix ?
A22:Please send what characters you want to prefix or suffix to support@eyoyousa.com to get the setup code.

Q23:The scanner will only work when it is plugged into the computer, will not for me via blue tooth or wireless usb, what do I do?
A23:Please contact support@eyoyousa.com to send some video showing your problem. 
      Also, please provide your purchase order number.

Q24:Can i get another copy of the manual? is there a pdf or an online version?
A24:Yes,please contact support@eyoyousa.com for  the manual.

Q25:My button seems to be stuck and won't let press - can this be reset?
A25:Please contact support@eyoyousa.com to send some video showing your problem. 
      Also, please provide your purchase order number.

Q26:How to get a wireless usb dongle(2.4G reciver)?
A26:Please contact support@eyoyousa.com

Q27:I have it connected to my ipad but it won’t scan anything. 
A27:Please contact support@eyoyousa.com to send some video showing your problem. 

Q28:Is there a way to speed up or slow down the numbers being displayed after scanning. 
A28:Yes,it supports.Please contact support@eyoyousa.com for the setting code.

Q29:The scanner cannot scan certain barcodes?
A29:Please contact support@eyoyousa.com to send barcodes that you cannot scan.

Q30:The scanner is no longer scanning.
A30:Please contact support@eyoyousa.com to send some video showing your problem. 

Q31:The scanner doesn't charge anymore.
A31:Please contact support@eyoyousa.com to send some video showing your problem. 

Q32:What type of charging cord does the scanner use? 
A32:Type-C port

Q33:Does this Work on QR codes?
A33:This Bluetooth barcode scanner only supports scanning 1D barcodes, not QR 2D codes.

Does it can scan barcodes without press the button?
Yes, this laser barcode scanner have 2 types scanning mode.You can set it by the set code in the manual.Key trigger mode and Continuous Mode.if you change to continuous mode, then you don't need to press the button to scan barcodes.

Does this scanner have the ability to read 1D barcode under sunlight?
Yes, We have test it can scan the 1d barcode under the sunlight.

Can you turn off the beeper. And how does it connect to amazon seller AP.?
Yes, the beep can be turned off.You can set it by scan the set code in the manual.You can connect to amazon seller ap via the bluetooth.

is this good for Amazon Seller or Retail Arbitrage ?
This quality is worth for the price, I also have a more expensive one an KDC barcode scanner ,but this Eyoyo version works great for the price!The size and quality is the same with the KDC.The scanning speed is very fast. This eyoyo barcode scanner can even be set for continuous scan without having to click on the button every time which surprising my higher end more expensive one does not have that options.It can also connect with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth, it's very convenient.