Eyoyo Wearable Glove 1D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner, Left&Right Hand Wearable,1D Finger Trigger Wireless Bar Code Reader Inventory with Retractable Lanyard Compatible with iPhone iPad Android Tablet

Item No.: EY-027L
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Barcode scanner

Why you choose the Eyoyo wearable glove barcode scanner?


  1. The wearable barcode scanner has been hot for a long time.It popularity gleaned from the freedom they provide users and the productivity they deliver (which contributes to the bottom line)
  2. Right-handed and left-handed can freely change. The glove scanner is made with stretchable Velcro bands and let it one-size fits all.
  3. The hand mount can be worn with gloves underneath.
  4. Multiple ways to use it.Put it on the glove as a wearable scanner or Removed from the glove as a portable mini pocket barcode scanner.
  5. Low power consumption design, you can work the whole day without charging.
  6. Bluetooth connects with your wrist mounted android and iOS device for real-time tracking data.
  7. Key trigger mode + continuous mode. When you change to the continuous mode, the scanner will automatically read the barcode once the barcode is detected without pressing the button.


bluetooth barcode scanner

2 Scanning Mode

*Manual Trigger Mode: You need press the trigger button to scaning the barcodes.(Most frequently-used method)

*Continuous Scan Mode: The scanning light is always on when the scanner is electrified.You can scanning barcode without pressing any trigger button.(Especially fits for the production line at factories)

Eyoyo barcode scanner
QR barcode scanner

2D barcode scanner

Bar code scanner

barcode reader

Long Working Time

*Built in 800mAh rechargeable battery. The scanner can work up to 10 hours of continuous scanning.

*It can work about two weeks scan in daily used(if you don't often scan the barcode) after full charge. It takes 2 hours to full charge the scanner.

2 Upload modes

*Instant Mode: Read barcodes and upload it straight to the file you have opened.

*Storage Mode: When using the wireless scanner but far away from the wireless signal transmitter range. Scan the set code of "storage mode", all the scanned barcode will be stored directly into the bulit-in memory of the scanner. when you need to upload the data to your device, you just need to scan the set code of "Upload Data", then the barcodes will upload straight to the file you have opened.

More functions

* Add custom prefixes/ suffixes, delete characters

* Add keyboard keys (TAB,CR, CR&LF, LF,etc.) to the scanning operation.

* Enable or disable barcode type

* Turn on/off the beep, Change the Letter capital/lower case

mini barcode scanner

Eyoyo scanner

barcode scanner for phone

Strong Compatibility

*Compatible Device:

Compatible with computer, laptop, POS, smartphone, tablet, iPhone and iPad.

*Compatible Operating System:

Compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS, Linux, Android and IOS.


1.Not compatible with Google Chrome OS.

2.Not compatible with the software that has its own custom scanner, such as Square POS.