Eyoyo Wireless Barcode Scanner with USB Cradle Charging Base, 492ft Long Transmission Handheld 1D Cordless Barcode Reader Portable Bar Code Scanning for Bookstore Retail Supermarket Warehouse

Item No.: EY-6900D
【Plug and Play】: Eyoyo USB barcode scanner supports USB plug-and-play, no need install driver, app, software, easily work with an EXCEL/WORD file or other application to get barcode data. Compatible with Windows 7/8/10/XP, Mac OS, Linux and Chrome OS ideal work for businesses, shops, and warehouse operations.
【One-click Button Setting Base】: Eyoyo 1D barcode scanner especially design control button for the USB cradle charging base, by one-click button you can easily set the function you want to set, such as one-click pairing, one-click upload memory data, etc. Easy to operate, saving time and improving your efficiency.
【2 Pairing Modes】: With 2 types of pairing mode, Eyoyo wireless barcode scanner support one scanner to one scanner, plug and play, stable transport the data to one device. While another pairing mode allows one scanner to multiple receivers, and up to support 100 receivers. Whether you're scanning individually or a part of a team, this 1D barcode scanner all can meet your application scenes.
【 2 Charging Ways】: By USB interface or Type-c port to power for our Eyoyo scanner. Put the scanner on the base can easily via USB cable to charge, while design with type-c port, you also can use the type-c port to charging. Freely to choose more convenient ways.
【 Charger/Stand/Receiver 3-in-1 Cradle】: Our Eyoyo USB barcode scanner equipped 3-in-1 USB Receiver Charging Base Cradle. For data receiver, once connected to computer via USB cable, scanner is ready for receiving data to work. For charging, once scanner sits in cradle, charging will automatically start. For base, easily use it to mount on the wall or desk.
Eyoyo Handheld 1D Wireless Barcode Scanner with USB Cradle Charging Base & Button Control.
Equipped plug and play, super compatibility, long transmission range, one-click easy set, and strong decoding ability, etc features.
A good choice for businesses, shops, and warehouse, etc operations.

One-click button setting of the cradle:
1. Pairing setting
2. Upload the memory data
3. Channel selection
4. Normal mode and Store mode setting
5. Data clearing

2 Pairing Modes:
1. One Scanner to One Cradle: One scanner only transmits barcode to one USB cradle.
2. One Scanner to Multiple Cradle: One scanner transmit barcode to multiple USB cradle at the same time. One scanner support up to 100 cradles.

2 Charging Ways:
1. Put the scanner on the base via USB cable to charge.
2. Use the type-c port to charging for scanner.

3-in-1 Multi-functional Cradle:
1. Receive Barcode Data: Via advanced radio frequency wireless technology connection with your device to receive barcode data
2. Battery Charge: When you need charge to put the scanner to the base for charging.
3. Wall or Desk Mounted: As a base to place scanner, and with wall mount hole to place on the wall.

1. Plug and play, no need extra drivers, app and software install.
2. Easily work with Windows 7/8/10/XP, Linux, Mac OS
3. With one-click button setting, easily set multiple functions.
4. max support 150m/492ft under obstacles environment.
5. With 2200mAh rechargeable battery offers 12 hours continuous scanning time by 4 hours charging time.
6. Scan most of 1D code.
7. The sound can be turned off.
8. Support hide/add custom prefix/suffix digits etc, multiple customized configuration options.

Package Including:
1x Eyoyo scanner
1x Base
1x USB cable
1x Type-c cable
1x Manual